Important Safety Guidelines

Do not tow: Frawgs should never be pulled or towed by boats or personal watercraft as it lacks braking or steering capabilities and this could result in damage or danger.

Supervision: Always supervise children using Frawgs.

Prohibited activities: Avoid swimming or playing under Frawgs, diving from it, or jumping onto it from other objects.

Alcohol and drugs: Never use Frawgs while under the influence.

Physical limits: Do not attempt to swim from Frawgs to another object or the shore if you are fatigued.

Weather conditions: Avoid using Frawgs in stormy weather, especially if lightning is present, and do not use it before sunrise or after dark.

Inspections: Regularly inspect Frawgs, along with any tethers, cords, and anchors for wear or defects.

Avoid entanglements: Take care to prevent activities that could lead to entanglement in the tether leash or anchor rope.

Care and Maintenance

Frawgs is crafted from cross-linked polyethylene foam, which requires no inflation. Maintaining your Frawgs is straightforward:

Cleaning: Use a sponge to remove foreign materials or debris that may scuff or damage the surface.

Sun exposure: UV rays can harm the surface, causing fading and hazing if left in direct sunlight for extended periods. To extend the life and appearance of your Frawgs, store it dry and shielded from sunlight and the elements when not in use.

Thank you for choosing Frawgs. Enjoy countless fun and relaxing moments on the water with proper care and safety!

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